About Us

Nicole (Owner/Groomer)

Nicole graduated from Pets Beautiful Academy with honors in 2010. Since then, she has expanded her education and gone on to work in upscale grooming salons throughout the GTA and for some of the top competitive groomers in Canada.

She attends seminars, workshops, and grooming competitions when she is able, as a means of keeping current with the industry and developing her skills. Additionally, she often participates in self-study (utilizing groomers groups, and grooming critiques online) in her free time.

In 2015 Nicole purchased her first show dog and began to handle him in CKC conformation dog shows. Her dog finished his champion title at just over a year old, but finding this a fun and relaxing hobby, Nicole plans to continue learning and showing dogs in the future.

In 2018 Nicole became a member of the Hamilton Dog Obedience Club, and to this date is a member of good standing who also participates in as many ways as possible be it as an instructors assistant or a steward at a competitive obedience trial.

Outside of dogs, Nicole is mother to two young girls, Nora (born 2018) and Hazel (born 2020) and before having children she was involved in both equestrian sports and cat rescue. Nicole’s heart horse, Mar D Gra, sadly passed away in 2020 after being her partner for 20 years.

Grooming Competition Results to Date:

  • 2016 – 2nd Place, Novice Poodles – TOGS
  • 2014 – 1st Place, Novice Mixed Breed – ODGA Groomfest
  • 2014 – 3rd Place, Novice Poodle – TOGS
  • 2013 – Peoples Choice, ODGA Rescue Rodeo

Nicole’s Dogs:

Bellefleets Maple Debut

(also called: Miss Maple, Maple or Mapes)

Miss Maple is a Miniature Poodle born in 2011 and has worked in grooming salons since she was 9 weeks old. Happy and intuitive to the needs of other dogs and people, Maple gets along with even the grumpiest souls. Her favorite thing in the world is playing catch and she is well known for trying to trick those around her into throwing her ball.

Can Ch. Kyon’s Nordic Mjolnir CRN HIC

(also called: Mjolnir, or Mu-Mu)

Mjolnir (pronounced like mule-near) is a Norwegian Buhund born in 2015. Mjolnir completed his Canadian KC Champion title at just over a year old , 100% owner handled, and he was Herding Instinct Certified shortly before he turned 2. In 2018, Mjolnir and Nicole entered and titled in their first CARO rally-obedience competition. Overall, he is confident, happy, and almost impossible to bother. He loves giving kisses and snuggles, and is very true to his breed. However he is also head strong (also true to his breed) and has not yet developed the sensitivity he needs to always be in the salon, so if he is not there it is because he is being a pest and was put in a time out.