Grooming Appointment Advice

Do’s and Don’ts

Do take your dog for a potty break prior to entering the grooming salon. (But please be kind to my neighbors by sticking to my lawn and scooping the poop. I have poo bags if you need one.)

Do not bring food or treats with your dog. Other dogs in the shop may be food aggressive.

Do arrive early for your appointment. This gives more time to discuss your dogs haircut.

Do not act worried about leaving your dog. If you do, your dog will pick up on this and believe there is something to be worried about and it will increase your dog’s anxiety each time you need to leave.

Do try to describe what you like in terms of definitive lengths. I try hard to understand what your asking for, but it’s usually me guessing what you want based on the information you give me.

Do not try to describe what you like using terms which can be subject to interpretation. “Puppy Cut”, “Kennel Clip”, “Short”, “Fluffy”, “like/not like a poodle” are all terms which can vary greatly from one owner to the next. “Puppy cut” is a common one, and I have heard many different definitions for it from, “shave the dog short nose to tail” to “only trim the face and the feet but leave the length on the body”. Thus, you will hear me say this often, “What does ____ mean to you?”

Do let me know if you want something changed before you leave or at your next appointment. I do try to read minds, but I’m not very good at it, so help me out. 😉

Do not bring in pictures of dogs that do not resemble yours, even if it is the same “breed”. (It would be like bringing a picture of Halle Berry to the hairdresser and expecting to leave looking exactly like her. You can get the same hair cut, but there is only so much scissors can do)