Just Fetching Difference

Here is a list of the few extra things I do for my clients that I dont really advertise.

(Some may seem a given but I have worked places where these things weren’t done.)

For the clients:

  • This is a low volume shop. I max out at 4 dogs on an average day (5 at Christmas), and less if they are large, so you can be assured your dog is getting lots of attention and a quality groom.
  • All dogs are dried using a “happy hoodie” (unless they refuse to wear it.)
  • Brushing lessons are always free, and I am happy to try and work out with clients what hair cut works best for their time and budget.
  • Coat care discussions are always free, but in no way am qualified to offer medical advice. (and you will find I am very careful with my wording so I do not diagnose any dog.)

For the Shop:

  • Floors are vacuumed between every dog, usually 2x per groom. Once after “pre-clip” before bath and once after the groom is finished.
  • All dog accidents are cleaned immediately with pet specific enzymatic cleaners and paper towels which are disposed of in the garbage. No “pee-rags”.
  • Towels and “happy hoodies” are washed between uses and kept in an enclosed cabinet so they don’t get covered in hair
  • Tub and drying areas are cleaned regularly with a vinegar solution (to be environmentally friendly) or Clorox Kitchen (if I feel they are really dirty)