Important Notice – Relocating

It is with mixed feelings I’m writing this to inform you that we are moving and it’s not a local. We have sold our house in Hamilton and have purchased a house in London, Ontario with our closing date at the end of May.

All appointments starting May 23rd and on will need to be canceled.
If you want me to try to squeeze you in before I close let me know and I will try. If you would rather just cancel and try a new groomer, that’s also perfectly understandable please just let me know. My schedule is changing rapidly so I have turned online booking off for the time being.

Unfortuntely I am not comfortable refering people to anyone I have never worked with before so I don’t currently have someone to send you to. I would however recommend looking for a groomer that doesn’t do cage drying and check they are using dog shampoo on their clients/not dish soap.

If you wish to make the drive to London my new location will be:
59 Sweetbriar rd, London. N5Y 5G1
Once I have my my tub installed I will be able to take some bookings from Hamilton clients who want to make the drive. I will most likely be able to fit you in whenever you want, including Saturday and Sunday.
I wont be open to taking new clients from the London area until my kids start school in September so I’m going to have a lot of free time for a while.

My business number will be changed but my email will remain the same. Feel free to contact me.

Thank you all so much for your support, kindness and friendship over the years!
I wish you would all come with me but I completely understand the drive is far.


p.s – If you’re a gardener and you split any white or cream flowering plants this may I would love a propagation of it… I’m going to make a garden in memory of my poodle who recently passed away. I’ve been struggling with the fact we are moving without her and this was it will feel more like she is there with us.