Service Menu Effective Feb 1, 2024

If you would like to change or cancel any upcoming appointments due to the change please reach out. I have other clients waiting for that space.

Small Breed Full Groom: $82.50+
Small Breed Full Groom Prebooked 5-8 weeks: $75.00+
Small Breed Full Groom Prebooked 0-4 weeks: $67.50+
Small Breed Bath and Tidy: $50.00+
Small Breed Bath and Nails: $30.00+

Medium Breed Full Groom: $110.00+
Medium Breed Full Groom Prebooked 5-8 weeks: $100.00+
Medium Breed Full Groom Prebooked 0-4 weeks: $90.00+
Medium Breed Bath and Tidy: $62.50+
Medium Breed Bath and Nails: $45.00+

Large Breed Full Groom: $137.50+
Large Breed Full Groom Prebooked 5-8 weeks: $125.00+
Large Breed Full Groom Prebooked 0-4 weeks: $112.50+
Large Breed Bath and Tidy: $75.00+
Large Breed Bath and Nails: $60.00+

***Handstripping Increasing to $75/hr + $50/hr bath and scissor work

Pricing is all based on dogs in good coat condition getting pet length cuts with decent temperaments. Extra time required will be charged at the equivalent hourly rate

*Multi-dog discount available for dogs dropped off at the same time slot. Discount of $10 for each dog after the first

*I am going to be going back to working alone, hence the price increase. Lorelei is going to move on due to an ongoing wrist injury. I will miss her a lot. She is fantastic.

Nail Trim Only services are also available by appointment. They cost a minimum $10 cash donation to Pride Rescue. Cash or E-Transfer only.

All grooming services are available by appointment only. As a home based business with only one groomer,  I may be closed on any day and at any time for a variety of reasons. Please respect our privacy and call to set an appointment time for any desired services.

Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment (with the exception of Nail Trim only services). Failure to attend a scheduled appointment could result in a no show fee equal to 50% of the total expected groom price.