Grooming services offered here fall in to a few categories:

All grooming is done to the best possible standard, in as clean and sanitary of an environment as possible, using only top quality professional equipment.

Also, at Just Fetching we really try to do whats best for the dog. As a result we do break up the labour on most pets (you are only charged only for the actual hands on time involved in the grooming, and I usually round down in the owners favor.)

I have worked both grooming dogs straight through, without breaks, and in shops where the dogs were given break times, and in my experience most dogs do better being given a chance to relax mid groom. During this time, most pets will roam loose in the salon, however I do have strategies to handle more sensitive or more aggressive dogs. I could write an essay on exactly what I do and why, but it would be incredibly long and no one would read it. Thus, if you have any questions or concerns please just call me and I would be happy to answer them.