Bath and Tidy

Bath and Tidy encompass any service where there is no change to the length of coat on the dogs back. This can be anything from a tidy up on a Shih Tzu, to a deshed and trim up on a Golden Retriever.

Every Bath and Tidy at a minimum will include:

  • Nail trimming and ear cleaning
  • Bath using professional quality dog shampoos and conditioners selected for your dogs coat type, plus a light brushing during the bath to exfoliate the skin and ensure shampoo has reached all the way through the dogs coat
  • Complete fluff dry and/or sacking (which means pinning a towel on the dog like a bathrob so the coat lays flat)
  • Finishing spray – which works as a leave in conditioner, and helps maintain a freshly groomed long for as long as possible
  • Complete and thorough brush out
  • Trimming of the feet, sanitary areas, and face or feathering as requested
My own dog, Mjolnir, sacked to finish drying after his bath.